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"Kniess and his producers’ work is a personal one, which shines brightly throughout the entire documentary."    

- Joel Searls, We Are the Mighty

"I hope this is seen far and wide.  You should be very

proud."    - Michael Phillips, The Wall Street Journal

"Having been a Marine in combat, I felt for every

one of these Marines."    - Tom F. Marine, Khe Sanh, Vietnam

"Brilliant piece of work... The Gift is a must see."    

- David Corlew, The Charlie Daniels Band

"This is the first documentary I have seen that let's combat Veterans tell their story, in their words, without the Hollywood bullsh*t."   - Eric Montalvo, Marine, Lawyer

"The Gift is evocative and heartrending, perfectly capturing the ethos of the Corps in a way that bridges generations of Marines."   - Michael Archer, Marine and Author

"Thank you for your service.  You will truly understand what those words mean after watching The Gift."  

- David B. Airforce

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